The Devils' Destiny Theories

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The Devils' Destiny Theories

Post by Loki on Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:41 am

Hive Weaponry

If you notice that the hive weapons such as Abyss Defiant and Thorn you'll notice that they have the same properties as the Hive soldiers. I think that the truth of these weapons is that the guns are alive, they are essentially hive beings that have sworn loyalty to the guardian. the key points for this is that you can get them from completing the End of Crota Raid. It's possible by killing Crota, who is a god among the Hive, that some of the hive swear fealty to the guardians who kill him.

Flame Shield

There is a Warlock ability called "Flame Shield" That night uses every once in a while, and he has pointed out that he pretty much takes the essence from his enemies and uses it to protect himself.

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