How to do Skolas guide

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How to do Skolas guide

Post by The Gluttonyy on Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:31 am

Skolas is the kell of kell, i would say with the taken king update he is one of the easiest bosses, it would be best that you have a titan with you on this boss fight, the bubble is a cruical element to killing Skolas. when you reach round 6 in the level 35 POE you will be battling against the fallen. You will all line up on the final door that leads to the boss room, you will all count to three and run left and dont stop even when it shows Skolas spawning, you will eventually see a transparent servitor whilst the other two players destroy the servitor a titan bubble will be used where you first see the servitor in front of the door. you must all have a high damage rocket launcher and glide, jump or boost out the top of the bubble, and simply shoot him, when he gets to a certain distance you will all run across the back of the map and stay on the platform on the otherside, there will be another servitor there destroy it and try and DPS (damage per second) skolas, you will have about twenty seconds to spot skolas and DPS, after his health gets around the three quater half way mark, you will have something called draining essence you will have to pass that on to each character around the ten second mark you will simply have to repeat that until you get to the point of killing him, if you take a certain amount of time to kill skolas which it should be very simple due to the taken king, you will have to detonate bombs which i will spawn as A, B and C you simply have to stand under that until it is complete the more people standing under it the quicker it is. advisory i would pop a bubble when ever the one in the middle of the map as it has the least amount of cover, i would get a titan to do this bomb as they should have there bubble on.

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