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enemies of devils

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The Fallen

The fallen are a broken race of scavengers
"we have butchers at our gates--four-armed and eager for slaughter."

The fallen are a dangerous race, fast and agile
Fallen weapons mostly deal arc damage,
but a shrapnel launcher and the walker tank's cannon deal solar damage,
Servitor’s blast deals void damage

The Fallen Houses: Houses of Wolves, Houses of Kings, Houses of Devils, Houses of Winter and Houses of Exile

Weak points
Humanoid fallen all share vulnerability to headshots
Shanks have no weak points
Servitors have a weak point in the eye

The lowest class of fallen, dregs fight viciously to prove their worth to the superiors
Loadouts: shock pistol, shock daggers and shock grenades                                                     variants: shrapnel launcher or dual shock daggers

The core of the fallen forces, vandal present a serious threat at any range
Loadouts: shock rifle or shock blades                                                                                    variants: wire rifle or shrapnel launcher and shock blades

Stealth vandal
Equipped with cloaking tec, stealth vandals are a dangerous invisible threat
Loadouts: shock rifle or shock blades                                                                                    variants: wire rifle or shrapnel launcher and shock blades

The elite of fallen society, captains are tougher and more dangerous than their lesser brethren
Loadouts: shrapnel launchers and shock blades                                                                     variants: shock rifle or shock blades
Captain weak to arc weapons

As hovering robotic assault drones, provide fire support combat teams
Loadouts: shock pistol                                                                                                         variants: shock rifle, wire rifle and exploder
When the mythic is on they gain a solar shield

servitor are floating robotic support units that protect and heal nearby fallen
Loadouts: eye blast                                                                                                            variants: none

A rapidly moving cloaked transport, a fleet of skiffs dispatched from a fallen's massive ketch warships can quickly deploy a strike teams to the battlefield
Loadouts: skiff turrets                                                                                                        variants: none

The Hive

The hive are pure darkness
"that shiver you feel up your spine is truth. there are nightmares rising from the shadows and they hunger for our dying hope."

The hive are ancient, festering evil.
Hive weapons deal a variety of damage
The shredder, ogre's eye blast, tomb ship's turrets and shrieker's attacks are all void damage
The boomer, thrall claws, cursed thrall's detonation and wizard's energy bolts are all arc damage
All other attacks are kinetic damage e.g. wizard's cloud of darkness a knight's cleaver and ogre ground smash

Hive sects: Blood of Oryx, The Scarlet Brood, Spawn of Crota, The Hidden Swarm and Venom of Oryx

Weak points
It is the same for the hive as the fallen it is the head

Degenerate avatars of rage, thrall rush blindly into combat to rend and tear with their claws
Loadouts: claws                                                                                                                 variants: none

Cursed thrall
These corrupted thrall are capable of detonating explosively at short range
Loadouts: detonation                                                                                                          variants: none

Foul enforces of the hive black army, acolytes engage at a distance behind a howling wall of thrall
Loadouts: shredder                                                                                                            variants: boomer

Powerful frontline warriors of the hive, knights stride into battle with thick armour and dark magic
Loadouts: boomer                                                                                                              variants: shredder or cleaver
When the mythic is on they gain a arc shield

Floating above the battlefield, wizards support hive forces with what can only be described as dark magic
Loadouts: darkness blast and clouds of darkness                                                                 variants: none
wizards are weak to solar weapons

Mutated masses of muscle and fury, ogres are living hive battering rams
Loadouts: eye blast and ground slam                                                                                 variants: none

void-infused sentinel, shrieker serve as immobile but animate sentries of the hive's dark holds
Loadouts: void blast (when killed they send a death blast at you as it is tracking after a short time they blow up)
variants: none

Tomb ship
A strange and other worldly transport "ship" the tomb ship rips hole in reality and deposits its foul cargo on the battlefield in a cloud of darkness
Loadouts: void turrets                                                                                                      variants: none

The vex
The vex are unfathomable
"Living metal incomprehensible intelligence"

Bodies of animate metal with trace of living matter within
Vex weapons are a rage of damages the slap, line rifle and a hydra's death blast is solar
The torch hammer, slap grenades and the melee by goblin and hobgoblin are void
The minotaur's melee is kinetic

Vex Programing: Hezen Corrective, Hezen Prime, Vage Prohibition  Aphix Invasive and Sol Divisive

The vex have a weak spot in there chest (goblins and hobgoblins)
In the eye (harpies and hydra)
Minotaur's have no weakness
Goblins, hobgoblins and minotaurs can teleport

The numberless frontline troops of the vex, goblins are plodding, methodical combatants
Loadouts: slap rifle                                                                                                          variants: torch hammer

Long range sharpshooters, hobgoblins fulfil a suppressive role in combat, supporting vex forces form distance
Loadouts: line rifle                                                                                                          variants: slap rifle

The floating harpy is a scout and mobile weapons platform, deploying mid-air to annihilate its target
Loadouts: twin slap rifle                                                                                                  variants: none
When the mythic is on they gain an arc shield

This hovering data fortress is armed with heavy firepower and an impregnable computational shield
Loadouts: twin torch hammers                                                                                        variants: none

A towering machines of war armoured with raw void energy, the minotaur is a heavy vex assault unit
Loadouts: torch hammer                                                                                                 variants: slap rifle
Minotaurs are weak to void weapons

The Cabal
They are sophisticated military culture, armed, armoured, and organized for combat
"You could follow a trail of broken planets and moons back to their home world"

Brutally efficient and unrelenting
cabal weapons are all solar except the psion's blast which is arc
all cabal are weak to headshots

cabal detachments: Sand Eaters, Dust Giants, Siege Dancers, Bone Crushers, Sky Burners, Ice Reapers

As frontline opponents, legionaries rocket into battle with their jump packs
Loadouts: slug rifle                                                                                                         variant: projection rifle

Marching into battle with an indestructible shield, phalanx units form a slow-moving wall of cabal force
Loadouts: slug rifle                                                                                                        variant: none

As trained leaders, centurions make up the upper ranks of cabal forces in the field
Loadouts: projection rifle                                                                                               variant: none
Centurions are weak to solar weapons

Massive even among the giant cabal, the colossus provides devastating heavy fire support on the battlefield
Loadouts: heavy slug thrower                                                                                       variant: none

The psion is a lithe and wiry counterpart to other lumbering cabal troops, providing fast-moving fire support in combat
Loadouts: slug rifle and psionic blast                                                                             variant: none
When mythic is on they gain a void shied

The sturdy harvester drop ship is combat ready transport, capable of transporting cabal forces into hot zones with surprising speed and agility
Loadouts: solar turrets                                                                                                  variant: none

The Taken
The taken? all they do is spread the blight and try to kill you

Taken Vandal
Loadouts: solar wire rifle and summons a ward of dawn like shield this will heal enemies it allows to shoot out but not in

Taken Captain
Loadouts: arc shrapnel launcher and arc swords also send a ball of darkness towards the guardians which will blind you
Taken captains are weak to solar weapons

Taken Thrall
Loadouts: solar claw teleport short distances       (there are shadow thrall which are shadowy imitation of a thrall summoned by taken wizards)

Taken Acolyte
Loadouts: arc shredders and can deploy a acolyte's eye turrets

Taken Wizard
Loadouts: solar damage seeker ball also can summon a shadow thrall

Taken Knight
Loadouts: void boomer also can fire explosive solar jets and can teleport short distance

Taken Ogre
Loadouts: arc both eye blast and ground slam

Taken Goblin
Loadouts: arc slap rifle also can make others invincible

Taken Hobgoblin
Loadouts: void line rifle also fires a shrieker-like fast moving projectile

Taken Minotaur
Loadouts: solar torch hammer also are always cloaked

Taken Psion
Loadouts: arc slug rifle also can multiply creating another taken psion with full health

Taken Phalanx
Loadouts: arc slug rifle also have a arc blast from there shield which can push guardians

Taken Centurion
Loadouts: arc projection rifle also have a axion dart is much like the voidwalker's axion bolt

Taken Blight
Loadouts: shadow touched which will slow the player down

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