Taking on the Leviathan pt.1

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Taking on the Leviathan pt.1

Post by Loki on Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:57 pm

This is for the Leviathan Raid, not the Leviathan, Eater of worlds.

Part 1, Landing

you enter on a platform leading to a door with Legionaries on both sides and two colossus at the door. They are non hostile if you don't attack them. There are two ways you can go from here, you can go down and flip the switches, 1-6 from left to right as you enter, in the combination 1,5,3,2,4,6 and it will open the way to the underbelly, or you can enter through the top of the platforms into the Castellum. If you decided to go through the Underbelly, check for the symbols, Dogs for Pleasure gardens, Sun for Bathhouse, Axes for Gauntlet, and Chalice for Throne room.

Part 2, Castellum

In the Castellum you will be attacked by swarms of Cabal, find the platform with one of the points on the Triangle glowing, and it usually points in the direction that the Standard is. 1-2 people should be enough to kill the Standard Bearer and grab the standard, the rest stay at the platform and protect the standards that are there. Once the first Standard is placed in the triangle Standard Liberators will begin to spawn to reclaim the standards you have, you are under no circumstances to let them get within the circle that appears. After a while a Psion will appear and make the Liberators immortal. One person should be on look out for this Psion and jump into his bubble and melee him, which should kill him. After 3 Standards are placed the door will open and a chest will spawn if it is the first time done, should lead you into the Bath house, Pleasure Gardens, or Gauntlet, unless you have completed all three and you move on to the Throne Room.

Part 3a, Bathouse
Upon entering the bathhouse, you are greeted by electrified water with plates in the center of the four pools in the corners, and the one in the center. Each platform has an orb on it. Assign plates to each person, there should be two on plates on each side, and one in the middle of them to swap when ready. After a brief countdown, everyone jumps onto the plates, with the exception of the two in the middle who just grab the orb off the center plate, and a Golden Bather will appear out of the Pools with the chains in front of the plates. Kill the bather as fast as you can(Center people assist with this), or they will knock you off your plate and it will take longer to get to damage phase. When the plate standers in the farthest side of the room from where you came in reach 20 on their counter, they request a switch, in which the person in the middle takes their place, and the run to grab the orb in the center and relieve the person at the front of the room, who then grabs the orb and becomes the new person in the middle, Who then wait for the person who is on the farthest plate gets to 5-10 on their countdown and replaces them, repeat until chime is heard, and run for middle plate. In the center there is 3 lanterns on 3 chains, in three pools within the room, 3-4 people should focus on the one they see when facing the entrance, while the rest focus on clearing adds. Once the 3 lanterns are destroyed there, turn to the right and start firing on the lanterns there, until they become immune. Pay attention to the countdown, when it is gone return to your plates, unless you have another boon on your screen, then punch the psion and return to your plate. repeat until victorious. Should take 2-3 runs. Return to Castellum

Part 3b, Pleasure Gardens
In the pleasure gardens, you'll see several enemies hiding in trees. kill them off and two crystals will appear, When two people grab the crystals, 6 warbeasts will escape and wander the trees. the goal on this is to not be seen by the warbeasts. The two with the crystals will jump to platforms on both sides of the start point, while the rest drop down and grab clusters. The Crystal Bearers are to call out the location of purple spores that appear in the forest that the ground team is to run to. When facing the door, the room is split left and right, so you have a left Crystal Bearer and a right one. There are 4 crystals dotting the sides, 3 on the wall number 1-3 from the closest to the starting point (where you begin with the beasts NOT where you enter) and one in the center (Left is in a bunch of trees and right is hidden in the rocks.) Ground team is to carefully approach the spores called out by the Crystal Bearers without being spotted by the Warbeasts. When the ground team reaches the spore, The Crystal Bearer, who should be standing in a sunbeam, blasts the spore and the ground team moves to the next spore, until they are spotted or the Warbeasts grow restless and howl. In this instance the Warbeasts will run for spores and begin howling, and everyone is to run to a Warbeast each and drop their health as much as they can, while watching the timer. When the timer drops to 10 secs return to start point and drop into the cluster room until it opens again. Crystal Bearers reclaim your crystals and repeat the process, only this time kill the Warbeasts. Should only take 2 Runs. Return to Castellum

Part 3c, Gauntlet
In the Gauntlet, you will be in a long hallway with a round room at the end. All players enter the round room and be brought into the main room. The team splits into 2 runners and 4 shooters. The four shooters each claim a platform around the room while the runners take place by a small metal platform. Event starts when all shooters are on their platforms. Clear out the enemies that spawn and the Runners grab their balls while the shooters take their platforms. With the runner now in a track they run toward a wall with 9 holes with one with a orb floating in it, they call out which row they are in, while the shooters shoot the ones that they DID NOT call out. (Ex, Runner calls top, so the shooters shoot the mid, and bottom arrows.) The runners run around calling out the orb locations until they reach their goal lines while the shooters have to kill psions that spawn by meleeing them and returning to their platform.The runners then leave the track, and run their orb to the elevator you entered in and slam the ball. Kill adds, then the runners must run again, this time being wary of holes in the track, do the same thing as before. Third time the Shooters having rising and lowering platforms while shooting, and for the Finale, everyone runs. The runners should always have the orbs while the shooters rotate who grabs the orbs, coordinate accordingly. When out reach the elevator and slam. only 3 need to make it. Return to Castellum

Part 4, Throne room
Upon entering the Throne room you will see the fat Calus drinking from a Goblet. Shoot the goblet from his hand and let the fight commence. Clear the adds while avoiding getting shot by Calus. When the adds are gone Calus will clap and send everyone in the Void. 3 use the orbs to return to the throne room while the remaining three kill psions and call out the symbols that appear Calus's forehead. Throne room team will kill adds and listen to the symbols that Void team calls out and eliminate the psion that was not called. after a few callouts and psion deaths, Calus will bring up a sheild in the throne room and start hurling skulls at the void team. Throneroom team takes their time with the shield while the void team collects skull stacks. Once everyone is back in the throne room run for the far right platform (The one with Sun on it) and begin firing at Calus. (Tracer rifles do amazing as does a Celestial Nighthawk golden gun shot.) Once Calus lifts his hand, move to the next platform and continue to damage him. After 4th platform kill adds and repeat. Once enough damage is done Calus goes into "Cyborg Mode" where he then uses a arm mounted rocket launcher, avoid getting hit by it. Calus goes into a final stand once you've nearly killed him, so lay into him with everything, and he will die. Go into the hole that appears in the center and collect your reward.

Be sure to talk to Benedict about your emblems and Thank you for the Clan Imperial Engram. Very Happy

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