Loki's Backstory for the House

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Loki's Backstory for the House

Post by Loki on Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:56 am

Long ago, we were warriors, down on luck and homeless. We were taken in by the Fallen House of Devils. Solkis, The Devils Kell, had seen us as weapons he could use to take down the humans that surround the Traveler. Solkis, being only able to speak Eliksni, had to request a translator from the House of Judgement, and Arliks had been assigned to us to teach us Eliksni. Arliks was kind for a Eliksni, he'd give us praise if we'd get something right, but scold us if we'd get it wrong. I'm sure if any other Eliksni were to try and teach us, we'd all be dead for being stupid earthlings. After a few months with Arliks we had completely mastered Eliksni, Arliks then returned to the House of Judgement. We approached Solkis and bowed to him in Eliksni fashion. "My Kell, how can we be of service?" Night had said with his head bowed. "I shall start you with something easy to test your competence." He said as he stood from his throne. "I want you to go and Eliminate some of the House of Kings who have been invading my territory, understood, Captain Night?" He said as he waved his hand and his Guard handed us Eliksni weaponry. Most of us were given Shock Pistols, Shock knives, Shock Rifles, and a set of Shock Grenades. Vishkiin and I however were given Wire Rifles, and Night was given a pair of Shock Sabers, and a Shrapnel Launcher. "You're will be done, My Kell." Night had said, and we were dismissed from the Kell's Chambers.
Out on the field, we made short work of the House of Kings. There was only a couple of Shanks, a squadron of Dregs, and a Captain. We killed most of them, it was no problem for our troop of 40 men and women. We returned to Solkis, who seemed pleased. "Captain, I see you've done well. Though was it really necessary to have that many men out on the field?" Solkis asked as he shifted in his throne. "It may have been a bit overkill in retrospect, My Kell, but it was also a message to the rest of the House of Kings." Night stated without lifting his head. "Oh? And that would be?" Soliks asked, he was intrigued by Night's statement. "Don't mess with the Devils, my Kell." He said. to that Soliks burst into laughter. "Well said. I am quite proud of you, now go, get rest. I have another mission to send you on." Soliks said with a wave of his hand, and we left his chamber once more.
In our bunker I was suddenly awoken by the sound of a Shock Pistol shot, followed by a body hitting the floor. I sat up and saw Wraith-46's body laying on the ground with a group of Vandals standing over him, each with weapons trained on our beds. I quickly threw my knife into the head of one of the Vandals, Ana had quickly drawn her pistol and dropped her's, followed by Midget's, Vishkiin's, Shorty's, and Night's. We had quickly eliminated the rest of the Vandals that had thought it'd be easy to kill all of us. Unfortunately they had killed all of us but the six of us. Night was outraged, and he stormed into the Kell's Chamber. The Kell Guards all had their wirerifles trained on him, but Vishkiin and I swiftly took them all out with our own Wire Rifles. "Soliks, why have you had us killed?" He asked angrily. Soliks sat with one of his hands propping his head up. "Because you have begun to bore me." He said calmly. Night's face twitched at that response, before he threw one of his Shock Sabers at Soliks, and it went straight through the throne. "I do apologize for not being there, Former Captain Night. I had other pressing orders to attend to." He said as his hologram began to flicker and disapate. Night gritted his teeth. "We bored him did we?" He said before turning toward us. "Well, let's go, my 'Boring Devils.'" he said as he headed toward the door. I've never seen Night so angry. "I will follow you, My Kell." I said, and we had left what was our first home in a long time.
We spent several months out on the plains of Old Russia. I had gone out on a hunt for food when I came across a guardian. It was a Titan in silver and gold armor. I thought it'd be easy pickings to strip the man of his gear, and as I rushed him, he threw out a shield, which I easily passed through, but wish I hadn't. Once I had crossed the threshold of the shield, my eyes were filled with a bright light. I could not see, next thing I knew I had a hand on my neck. "What is an Exo doing way out here?" I heard a voice ask. The light began to dim, the Titan had me lifted off the ground. "Who are you and why are you dressed like a Fallen Dreg?" He asked me. "I am Loki-27... I was a member of the House of Devils." I replied. I felt his grip getting tighter on my neck. "Where is Soliks hiding?" He asked me. I began to chuckle. "I believe we have a common goal." I said. "Saint, I believe this Exo could be of use to us." I heard a voice say from behind the Titan, and he removed his hand, making me drop to my hands and knees. "Speak, Loki-27." He said with a bit of annoyance. "I'll take you to my Kell, and we can team up to kill Soliks... Together." I said as I rubbed my neck.
"Loki! What the hell are you doing?" Ana said angrily as I approached with Saint-14. "Relax would you? He's hunting Soliks." I said as I walked past her. "I thought Awoken were supposed to be a peaceful bunch." Saint said as he followed me. "I thought Guardians were supposed to be a intelligent bunch." Ana said coldly before walking off. Saint turned to me, "Is she always like that?" He asked. "We just lost a lot of good people. She's really torn up about it." I said before walking over and sitting next to Night. "Night, this is Saint-14. He's trying to kill Soliks. I thought it would be beneficial if we helped each other." Night looked Saint up and down. "Why should we trust a Guardian? From the scriptures Ariks showed us the Traveler is a destroyer." Night said to me in Eliksni. "If anything we can kill him later." I replied. "Very well, we'll help you out, Saint-14." Night said in english. "But try to hurt me or my men, I will kill you." He said with a cold stare. "I understand, I'd do the same in your situation, Mr. Night." Saint replied. Night pulled a holodeck from his pouch that we had pulled off of a Devils Shank. "Soliks is joining up with the Kings to attack a place called 'Twilight Gap' and he intends to lead his men on this mission personally." Night had said when he activated the Hologram which had a transmission in Eliksni. "I want to ambush him when he approaches Twilight Gap, and take him out." Night said. A small robot flew around Saint and began to hover over his shoulder. "If I may, why is it you want to kill Soliks?" it asked. Night's face twitched again. "That bastard has killed most of my men, just because he was getting bored with us. I want to show him how boring we are." Night replied with anger in his voice. "So, it's revenge then." The robot said as it "looked" down. I reached my hand up to touch the robot but was greeted with a shock. "Don't do that." it said. "What are you?" I asked. "I'm a Ghost. I am a light that is born from the Traveler." It said. I quickly backed away from it. "What's the matter?" He asked. "We've been taught that the Traveler is a destroyer of worlds, and from what I see, it is." Night said coldly to it. "I-I see." The Ghost said sadly.
The following day we headed toward Twilight Gap. it was a battlefield, there were a large number of guardians and eliksni clashing for control of the land, Guardians with electrified machine guns fired upon hoards of Eliksni, while scores of Guardians were wiped out by an onslaught of Walkers. When a guardian would fall, their ghost would hover over their bodies, but would meet with a blast themselves. "This is looking bad." Saint said as he ran in to the fray, and we followed. After several minutes of fighting and moving through the conflict, we found our target. Soliks was Shouting orders to the Eliksni troops atop a structure. I began to run toward him, but I was stopped dead by a Stealth Vandal, who plunged his Shock Blade into my chest. I looked around me and it seemed like everything was in slow motion. Shorty was kicked off a cliff by a Captain, Ana was shot through the heart by a wire rifle, Midget had a Exploder shank approach behind him and it had taken him by surprise, Vishkiin had taken control of a Walker, but it was destroyed by a group of Captains repeated fire, and Vishkiin began to roast alive, unable to escape the burning wreckage. The Stealth Vandal pulled his saber from my chest and I fell to the ground. I saw Night and Saint running toward Soliks, and then, everything turned dark...
"-e" I heard a voice coming from the darkness. "-ou hear me, Loki-27?" I heard it again. "Answer me." It was getting persistent. "Where am I?" I asked. "The Divide, I brought you back." The voice said. "Brought me back from where?" I asked it. "You... died, Loki-27." It said. I got a glimpse of light. "I remember..." I said and more light appeared before me. I saw a Ghost floating over me and I sat up. I checked for my stab wound but it was no longer existent. "Took you long enough." I heard someone say from behind me. I turned and saw Night, Ana, Midget, Vishkiin, and Shorty all standing there with Ghosts floating by them. "Welcome back, Loki." Night said with a smile. "What happened to Soliks?" I asked. "Dead and gone, Saint-14 killed him about twenty years ago." The Ghost nearest to me said. "Twenty years? I just died though." I said in non-belief. "It only seems that way, because I had only just revived you." The ghost said. I felt it's happiness. "Does that make us-" "We're guardians now, buddy." Midget cut me off. I looked down at my hands, still trying to make sense of it all. Night snapped me out of it by placing his hand on my shoulder. "Let's go to the Tower and figure out what we're going to do next." He said with a smile, and I nodded. "alright let's go, my Devils!" And we marched on.
Since becoming Guardians, The House of Boring Devils has begun to grow, Starting with my Cousin, Crazy-52, and a few people we have met in our adventures. We will eventually get back to how we were, and we will eliminate our enemies, and eventually maybe even remove that monster from the sky...

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