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King fall raid guide

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Opening The Portal

Loot - Moldering Shard

The first step is to pick up the orbs and place them in the first statue at the same time. When done correctly, two more will spawn, one to the far left and one to the far right.

At least two people need to be sent to retrieve the orbs on both sides and brought back to the middle. Barriers will be placed to slow you down. The non-orb carriers need to destroy them. Then, the orbs need to be placed in the next statue at the same time. Rinse and repeat. You have progressively less and less time each iteration.

There are a total of six statues. The best way we've found to do it is to split into three groups of two, two in the middle and two on each side for retrieving the orbs on both sides.

Hive Ship Jumping

Phase 1

Jump from ship to ship to reach the other side.

Phase 2

Calcified Fragment: on the base of the pillar bellow the shrieker

Hidden Chest #1 jump off the ship to the left onto a spike, off the spike jump to a ledge and walk up the slope in front of you, at the top is a door way leading to a chest the two gaurdians on the plates must stay there to open the door, once the two guys have the chest the will need to go to the opposite sides plates to let the rest of the guys through.

The Warpriest's Trial

Calcified Fragment XXX - To the right near a pillar as you enter the room

Loot - Moldering Shard, Midha's Reckoning, Kingslayer Shell

Split into two groups of three with even light levels across each group. One group goes left, one group goes right. It's fine to leave two people in middle to clear adds before joining their allies on the corresponding side.

Each side picks up a buff (an orb thingy) that shields anyone inside it from the constant damage in the side rooms. This lasts for 30 seconds upon which it will be passed to a nearby ally that does not have any stacks of Deathsinger's Power. The person that just lost the protective bubble will receive 10 stacks of Deathsinger's Power.

This person needs to run to the middle, and stand on the center plate until all their stacks are gone, killing the wizards that spawn top left or top right of middle room, Then they need to return to their side. After a ten iterations of this, the door will be fully charged and will open.

The Warpriest

Loot - Moldering Shard, Defiance of Yasmin, Elulim's Frenzy, Qullim's Terminus


Activating The Plates

Once the Major Knights die, the corresponding plate is activated
There are three Knights, one for each plate
The Knights seem to spawn on a timer
Glyph Sequence

The sequence is random
The sequence changes every wipe
The next plate in the sequence will be highlighted behind the corresponding tombstone with a glow or with a red pillar of light if the tombstone is missing
Brand of the Initiate

This is a buff that grants you and your allies in close proximity the ability to damage the boss
Expires in 10 seconds
Killing adds resets the countdown timer
If the timer reaches zero, you die
Adds are limited, you need to space out killing them or you will die (kill at 2-3 seconds left)
The Oculus

To survive this you need to be in the shadow of one of the tombstones
Any tombstones being used will be removed after this phase
It is critical your fireteam shares one tombstone or you will not beat the soft enrage

To start the encounter, simply step on all three plates, left, middle, and right.

The first step is the glyph sequence. This sequence is random every time you do it. However the light behind the tombstones will tell you which one to step on next. It helps to have someone calling these out. It will glow blue if it's next, or if the tombstone is missing, a red pillar of light will indicate it is next in the sequence.

Once you step on a plate, you can not get off it until the sequence is complete or the sequence will fail. Once you finish the sequence, one of the people stepping on the final plate will receive the buff Brand of the Initiate that will allow you, and any allies standing within a few yards the ability to damage the boss.

The person providing this buff needs to kill adds or he will die in 10 seconds. Killing adds resets the countdown timer.

When the boss summons the Oculus, you and your fireteam need to hide in the shadow of one of the tombstones. Your entire fireteam must be behind the same tombstone, because any tombstone you are hiding behind will be removed.

The tombstones are the soft enrage, if you don't kill the boss within 4 attempts, you will no longer have any tombstones to hide behind and your fireteam will die.

This means you must do at least 25% of his health every iteration.
unless you raid with the devils 50% each time.

Golgoroth's Cellar

Calcified Fragment XXXI - As soon as you enter the cellar turn left at the first cross section, then left at the second cross section. it will be in a tucked in the corner, many thanks to Angelus0991 for the location

Hidden Chest #2 -

Find your way through. The entire fireteam has to be at the door with the candles to proceed, route is right, left, left, right.


Loot - Moldering Shard, Gauntlets, Chest, Legs


After six deaths, all fireteam members are blinded and the fireteam will wipe
The orbs in the ceiling drop a pool that buffs damage against the boss by 10x
Shooting his back critical spot gets his gaze for 15 seconds
Failing to obtain his gaze spawns more adds


Separate the raid into two groups, two taunters and four damagers.

Start the encounter by destroying the orb in the center of the ceiling. When the boss spawns, begin by clearing all the adds in the room. The taunters will take turns holding his gaze by shooting the critical spot on his back. It seems to work best if one taunter goes left and one taunter goes right. Start with the orbs in the back of the room first, heading towards the front. Have the entire orb destroy one orb, and have that side's taunter get his gaze. The other taunter can shoot his legs/feet/body to get his attention.

The player that currently has Golgoroth's Gaze will be bombarded with orbs that cause massive damage. This player needs to shoot the orbs and stay alive. When the gaze buff is at 10 seconds or less, this player should count down the buff to zero. The other taunter should be busy destroying the next orb on the ceiling for the damagers to stand in. It takes almost the entire time to destroy this orb, so start early. Once the other taunter calls out around 2-3 seconds, shoot his back to gain his gaze and now you shoot the orbs to survive while the other taunter destroys the next orb in the ceiling.

The two taunters will be destroying orbs in a zig-zag motion. The damagers in the pit may need to destroy the orb in the ceiling if the taunter is unable to get it down in time. It's easiest to destroy the orbs if you have line of sight of the boss. If you don't, the orbs will curve around obstacles and be very hard to destroy. If you have line of sight, the orbs will come directly at you in a line. Also, the boss needs to be facing the damagers in the pit. The pools drop directly below the orb you destroy, so make sure the pool on the ground is between you and the boss.

In the meantime, the other four players are in the pit shooting the boss, hopping from pool to pool. Sniper rifles work best and do the most damage. Everyone should be aiming at his stomach. All four players can stand in the same buff pool. When it expires, or when the boss changes position, move on to the next one.

After the first orb in the ceiling is destroyed, and shortly before the second one is destroyed, Cursed Thralls will begin to spawn in the pit. It's usually best to assign your lowest light player to be on Thrall duty. It's critical that the Thralls are kept away from the other 3 players sitting in the pools. One getting too close will mean a wipe.

When the taunters are unable to continue holding his gaze, and adds begin to spawn, clear them and then repeat the process. The four damages need to be informed to get out of the middle at this point. Usually after the 6th orb is destroyed, or earlier if gaze failed to be captured.

We assigned our three lowest players to Thrall duty in pit, and the two taunters. You need your highest damage dealers in the pit shooting the boss at all times. Prefer players that have sniper rifles, they do considerably more damage. The biggest issue for taunters will be ammo. It's critical that every time adds spawn, they are topping up their primary ammo or it could mean a wipe. A good combo for this is a scout/heavy machine gun. The taunters don't need a sniper rifle for this and a machine gun can destroy the orbs the boss shoots at you if you run out of primary. The key is staying alive.

Piston Jumping Puzzle

Calcified Fragment XXXII - in the first room after golgoroth up on a ledge to the right

Calcified Fragment XXXIII - as soon as you enter transept look over the edge and tucked in next to a piston it lays

Hidden Chest #3 (Exotic) - Tutorial to follow

Find your way across! I won't spoil your fun. Smile

Daughters of Oryx

Loot - Moldering Shard, Silence of A'arn, Class Items


The Platforms

There are four platforms to stand on
When stood on, they summon steps that only the dimension torn player can step on
The order they are stepped on is critical to the way the steps spawn
Stepping off any one of them destroys all steps
The platform directly under the Spark is optional and should not be stepped on. The player assigned to this platform should assist the always optional player with killing adds.
The Spark (Brand)

Randomly positioned above one of the four platforms in the room
Breaks one of the Deathsinger's shields when used (hold Square on PS, X on XB)
Grants an Aura of Immortality to the player who broke the Deathsinger's shield that blocks all damage to everyone inside. This is how your survive the Hymn of Weaving.
Torn Between Dimensions

One player will be randomly chosen to be torn between dimensions
Only this player can jump on the steps summoned by the platforms
Only this player can grab the spark and dunk the Deathsinger's to remove the shield and gain the aura
Every phase this player will be randomly selected. Everyone must know how to fulfill this role.
The Deathsinger's

You must start with the left Deathsinger first.
Never try to attack the same Deathsinger twice in a row. Always alternate between the two.
If the left Deathsinger dies, the right one must be killed in the next phase or the raid will wipe.
The safest strategy is to kill the right Deathsinger first, then kill the left.


After a few seconds of being in this room, one player will become dimension torn. This player is responsible for jumping from step to step to grab the Spark and use it to take the Deathsinger's shield. Assign one person with good weapons and synth to be the always optional player. This player's job is to kill adds and replace anyone that dies. The remaining four players should each be assigned a platform at each corner of the room.

Locate the Spark in the sky, see which platform it is above. Look one platform counter-clockwise and that is the platform that needs to be stood on first. After that platform has been stepped on, continue stepping on platforms in a counter-clockwise fashion until three are activated. The platform the Spark is above is optional and should not be stepped on. The player assigned to this platform should assist the always optional player with adds. Nobody can leave their platform until the dimension torn player has the Spark or the steps will disappear.

Snipers will begin to spawn on the sides of the arena at around 45 seconds of the Hymn of Weaving, one for each platform during this phase. It's critical they die as soon as possible. They are capable of two-shotting the dimension torn player which will most certainly cause a wipe. They have very little health and are taken down easily. The player that is currently optional due to the Spark being above their platform should return to take out their sniper at this time. It is their responsibility even if they are optional at the time.

The dimension torn player should be at the first platform (the one counter-clockwise of the one the Spark is above) ready to jump up with the player on that platform. Once the steps start to appear, the dimension torn player can begin to jump from step to step until he reaches the Spark.

Once the dimension torn player grabs the Spark, everyone should run to the back left platform and hide behind it. The dimension torn player will then dunk the left Deathsinger, and run towards the centre platform ledge below the flaming deathsinger . Everyone damages the boss here, killing the Deathsinger and ensuring everyone is within the shield or they will die when the Hymn of Weaving is complete. It helps if the dimension torn player immediately calls out when they obtain the Spark so that the raid can jump off their platforms and begin heading to the centre ready.

This process is repeated, but on the opposite side platform then the left Deathsinger can be killed. It's usually best to save weapons of light and other buffs/cooldowns/rockets until the right Deathsinger is dead so the left can be killed in one run.

After a phase is complete, another player will be randomly chosen to be dimension torn. If this player was previously on a platform, it's their responsibility to call out which platform they were on so the previously dimension torn player can go to that platform. If the new dimension torn player was previously the always optional player, it's their responsibility to tell the previously dimension torn player that they are now the always optional player for this phase.

If anyone dies, it's the job of the always optional player to fill their role as best they can.



Loot - Moldering Shard, Anguish of Drystan, Zaouli's Bane, Smite of Merain, Doom of Chelchis, Helmets

Moldering Shard Loot - one drop from any loot point

check out this great guide for now


The Platforms

There are four platforms to stand on
When stood on, they summon steps that only the dimension torn player can step on
The order they are stepped on is critical to the way the steps spawn
Stepping off any one of them destroys all steps
The platform clockwise of where Oryx slams his first is optional and should not be stepped on. This is the platform that the Spark is above. The player assigned to this platform should assist the always optional player with killing Ogres and adds.
The Spark (Brand)

Positioned one platform clockwise of where Oryx slams his fist.
Takes the Aura of Immortality from a Hive Knight when used.
Torn Between Dimensions

The dimension torn player will be chosen based on who steps on the platform where Oryx slams his first first.
Only this player can jump on the steps summoned by the platforms
Only this player can grab the spark and dunk the Hive Knight to take the Aura of Immortality

Ogres will spawn in the puddles near each platform shortly after Oryx slams his fist.
These Ogres drop Corrupted Light bombs that will detonate if a Guardian stands in them for a few seconds.
The Ogres will spawn in the same order as the platforms should be stepped on.
It's critical they die as quick as possible when they spawn.
The Knight

Spawns where Oryx is initially when you start the encounter.
Carries an Aura of Immortality that must be taken using the Spark (Brand).
Should be killed immediately after taking the Aura.
He will immediately head to one of the Corrupted Light and begin absorbing it if he is not killed quickly.

You can not damage Oryx directly. He is immune.
Damage to Oryx will come from detonating Corrupted Light. Every 4 Corrupted Light will deal 25% damage to Oryx's health.

Transition Phases

Oryx's Health > 75% - Run For Your Life

During this transition, Oryx will throw bombs where you are standing. These bombs will nearly one shot you, and are best avoided. The best way to avoid them is to have pre-assigned ways to run beforehand. Anyone assigned to a platform should simply run right circles around the base of their platform until the phase is over. The runner and the always optional player should run in oblong shapes, carefully avoiding the players running around their platforms, in the remaining area separated by the Deathsinger's.

For example, have the always optional player run in the area where you spawned Oryx to space between the Deathsinger's, and have the runner run in the area where you spawned to the space between the Deathsinger's. If done correctly, nobody should overlap and nobody should die to the bombs Oryx throws at you. This phase doesn't last more than 20 seconds or so.

Oryx's Health <= 50% - The Shade of Oryx

During this transition, Oryx will spawn a big black ball near where you had to go to start the encounter. Touching this ball will immediately kill any Guardian. Adds will spawn on the left and right of this ball and Oryx will begin teleporting players one by one into the ball. You don't regen health when inside the ball.

The players that have yet to be teleported are responsible for killing adds before they go inside the ball and also the Knights that spawn on the back two platforms.

The players that have been teleported are responsible for killing the Shade of Oryx that is outside the ball. This encounter works much like the final part of the boss battle for the Regicide mission where you kill Oryx initially. Sniper rifles work best for this. The Shade of Oryx must die within about a minute and a half or the raid will wipe. Once everyone is teleported inside, it's usually best to have one person responsible for killing adds that make their way inside.


This encounter works much like the Daughters of Oryx encounter, with some notable differences. The dimension torn player is chosen for this encounter, and the Spark (Brand) is used on a Hive Knight that is carrying the Aura of Immortality instead.

For this encounter, choose one player to be always optional. This player should have a good sniper rifle and a good heavy and not be afraid to pop heavy synth. This player is responsible for dealing a good portion of damage to the Ogres and dealing with adds. Choose another player to be the runner, or the player who will always be dimension torn. This player should have no problem jumping from step to step. The remaining 4 players should be assigned to platforms, one on each corner of the room much like the Daughters of Oryx encounter.

You start the encounter by heaving near the back of the room and getting near a orb. The first portion of the encounter will be simply dealing with adds and two Knights that spawn, one on each of the back platforms. For this part, all players can be up here, clearing adds as quick as possible.

When both the Knights die, everyone should return to their platforms. Oryx will head to either the back left or back right platforms and begin to slam his fist. The runner should be at this platform already and ready to begin jumping. After Oryx slams his fist, the runner will jump up, followed immediately by the player assigned to this platform. The runner will jump from step to step to obtain the Spark (Brand) much the same way as the Daughers encounter.

Meanwhile, the remaining 2 players on platforms are stepping on theirs in the correct order. The platform one clockwise of where he slams his fist is where the Spark will spawn and this player will be the optional player for this round. This player should join the always optional player and help kill Ogres and adds.

Ogres will begin to spawn in the order the platforms should be stepped on. 4 will spawn total. The players on platforms should take these down as fast as possible. Focus on them in the order they spawn. If yours hasn't spawned yet, but you see one across from you, help kill it. The always optional player and the round optional player should both assist in killing the Ogres as they spawn, following them counter-clockwise until all 4 are killed.

By this time the runner will have the Spark (Brand) and should have called out to the rest of the raid to join them in the back of the room. The runner should head to the back of the room, where you initially had to go to spawn Oryx. There will be a Knight spawning here. The runner should use the Spark (Brand) to take his Aura of Immortality. The raid will immediately proceed to kill the Knight before he manages to get to one of the Corrupted Light and absorb it.

One the Knight is down, the runner and the rest of the raid should head to the area between the two Deathsinger's platforms and start killing adds, making sure to remain within the Aura of Immortality. Shortly after arriving at this area, Oryx will 'call upon the darkness' by opening his chest. The entire raid needs to immediately shoot his chest to stagger him. If Oryx is not staggered, the raid will wipe. Once Oryx is staggered, the 4 players assigned to platforms should immediately run to their bombs and remain in the circle until they see theirs has detonated. They then need to run back to the Aura as fast as possible or they will die. The always optional player and the runner can kill adds during this time. When all players have returned to the Aura, everyone should shoot Oryx in the chest continuously until he leaves. If all 4 bombs detonated, Oryx should be at 75%.

Immediately after Oryx leaves, you will begin a transition phase. Exactly which one depends on Oryx's health. There are two phases, each of which is detailed above. When the transition phase is over, the process repeats. Everyone should return to their platforms and prepare for the next round. Oryx will slam his fist on a different platform this time.

Once you have managed to get Oryx's health to 0% by detonating a total of at least 16 bombs, Oryx will head back to where he initially spawned for one last attempt to wipe the raid. Make sure the raid is ready to shoot him in the chest one last time to stagger him or the raid will wipe.

If anyone dies, it is the job of the always optional player to take over as best as they can.


Congrats on defeating Oryx in the King's Fall raid! I hope you found this guide useful and got some sweet loot. May the RNG be ever in your favor Guardians.


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